Restaurant Style White Queso

 Serves: 8-10    |     Prep: 5 min     |     Cook: 1 hr     |     Ready: 1 hr 5 min


1 lb. White American Cheese, Land of
     Lakes of possible
1 lb. Pepper Jack Cheese
2  12 oz. cans Evaporated Milk
1 – 2 jalapeno, chopped



Pull apart cheese slices into smaller pieces. Add to Instant Pot alternating American and Pepper Jack cheeses. Pour in 1 can of milk and stir in jalapeno.

Heat on Low/Pressure for 20 minutes. Quick release, then open and stir. At this point, if queso is too thick add another can of evaporated milk. If not totally melted or you add more milk, close lid and heat on Low/Pressure for 10 additional minutes.